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Aaron Schonhoff

Aaron Schonhoff

Research and Evaluation Associate

Aaron Schonhoff is JVA’s resident data nerd, helping our clients tell their stories and demonstrate their effectiveness by turning raw data into actionable data. Aaron’s projects include the creation of a multilayered evaluation system for the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Monterey County, California. Aaron also helped the Spring Institute of Intercultural Learning to create an evaluation system that allows data collection in the field as part of an effort to increase health literacy among Denver’s refugee and immigrant communities. Aaron has also been working with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, to evaluate its new licensure program to prepare teachers to work with English learners in the classroom.

Before coming to JVA, Aaron taught secondary social studies at the University of Northern Iowa’s Laboratory School, an incubator for new ideas in education, and helped conduct research on the usefulness of classroom technology. While completing his master’s degree at the University of Denver, Aaron fine-tuned his survey research and quantitative skills as a research assistant at the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research, where he conducted research on how, where and why public opinion toward marijuana shifted to allow for the passage of current laws regulating the recreational marijuana industry.


JVA Experience

While at JVA, Aaron has worked as project lead, evaluation associate and associate consultant on a variety of projects.

Project Lead:

  • University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Designed and is helping implement an evaluation system for UCCS’s new English Language Learner teacher certification program.
  • Boulder Public Library. Collected, analyzed and synthesized data from surveys and focus groups to gather feedback from the public to inform the master planning process.
  • Adams County Human Services. Collected, analyzed and synthesized data from resident and provider surveys along with focus groups to identify gaps and needs in the community to inform the Community Service Block Grant process.
  • Alzheimer’s Association. Designed and implemented an evaluation system to demonstrate effectiveness and improve dementia training offerings for nursing home staff and families.
  • Spring Institute. Designed an evaluation system to collect and analyze data for health literacy outreach efforts into the Denver metro area’s underserved and refugee populations.
  • Douglas County Library. Collected, analyzed and synthesized data from both survey and focus groups regarding the redesigned website.

Evaluation Associate:

  • Center for Nonprofit Excellence at the Community Foundation of Monterey County. Designed and built an evaluation system to help monitor the center’s progress in real time and inform future improvements to its service offerings.
  • Alliance for Strong Families. Assisted in designing and implementing an ongoing national evaluation to extract best practices for including older adults as a viable human capital strategy for nonprofits.
  • Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. Assisted in collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data to improve client correspondence.
  • Montbello Organizing Committee. Assisted in facilitating meetings and conducting research for a neighborhood research project.


Aaron received his M.A. in international studies from the University of Denver and his B.S. in history and secondary education from Iowa State University.

Community Involvement

Aaron has volunteered with river cleanup at Clear Creek and fish restocking in Herman Gulch through Trouts Unlimited. He also occasionally plays piano at Porter Hospital. In the past, he has enjoyed volunteering as a youth soccer coach.

Fun Fact

Aaron owns a mahogany custom shop Martin acoustic guitar. Its name is Miriam. It is beautiful.


Aaron provides training in the following areas: