Business and Strategic Planning

We have more than 27 years of experience developing strategic and business plans to help nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to:

  • Start up
  • Develop a sustainable business model
  • Grow to the next level
  • Expand

Changemaker Testimonial – Bob Dorshimer, Mile High Behavioral Health Care

Bob Dorshimer

We partnered with JVA to do our business and strategic planning, and we are on our third round of doing that with JVA because we continue to blaze through our plans and complete them early! Because JVA structures our documents so well, we continue to overachieve on our three- and five-year goals.

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More Testimonials

As our strategic planning process comes to an end, I have no adequate words with which to thank you for your professionalism, intelligence, analysis, data, passion, dedication, creativity, patience, wisdom, vision and action!

Lauren Casteel, Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Thank you once again for facilitating our foundation retreat. You are so amazing and it’s an honor to have you each time. I learn something new at every presentation!

Marcia Romero, CoBiz Foundation

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team on the W.F.C.O. strategic plan and I am so impressed with what we were able to accomplish. The plan we have will set the stage for years of success. I don’t think another firm would have gotten us here.

Stephanie Bruno, Women’s Foundation of Colorado

I want to compliment you on the terrific job that you did facilitating last weekend’s retreat!! I felt that the one and a half days really went smoothly with a lot being accomplished.

Board Member, Nonprofit Organization in Growth Stage

That was one of the most productive group interactions I’ve ever had.

Board Member, Next 50 Initiative

I just can’t thank you enough for you amazing leadership during our retreat.  We all felt so incredibly empowered by you and your fabulous ability to lead us and help us get to the crux of what we hope to accomplish.

Board Member and Founder, Start-up Organization
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Products and Services

Our strategic and business planning processes, used by nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises and government departments across Colorado and beyond, will:

  • Leverage the strengths of our in-house research team to collect good data to inform your plan
  • Be informed by our team of experts in governance, legal structures, fundraising, earned income models, marketing and communications, and social change
  • Engage all key members of your organization and external stakeholders in creating a shared vision and an actionable plan to move forward
  • Build in tools such as dashboards to ensure ongoing and enduring alignment and execution

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Trainings and Events

Our team will provide a variety of strategic and business planning trainings and events to give you the tools to successfully embark on a planning process with your organization.

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