Community-Based Research

Do you need to answer organizational or community-level questions but don’t want to ignore the essential voices of your community?

We can help you make sure the community is engaged in ways that are meaningful and productive and develop a plan that will actually be put into action by your community.

Our community-based research can be effective in:

  • Determining the effectiveness of messaging
  • Developing new messaging
  • Determining client/public/member satisfaction with programs and services
  • Deciding what new programs or services to offer
  • Uncovering community needs

Products and Services

Every year, we have clients who combine focus groups, surveys, interviews and community meetings into a robust community evaluation, and others who—for reasons of budget, timeline or need–choose one of those things. In every case, our community-based research products and services help them better understand their key audiences.

Trainings and Events

We provide a variety of community-based research trainings and events.

Our Community-Based Research Team

Given that we’ve done this for decades in every corner of the state (and beyond), our team comes to your project with a great deal of experience and understanding not only of community engagement in general, but of the issues facing organizations like yours. We have engaged in this community research with groups working on education, health, early childhood, literacy, aging, hunger, housing and many other issues.