Sandy Wiegand

Sandy Wiegand

Copyeditor and Writer

Sandy Wiegand is a copyeditor and writer who works to ensure that all JVA materials are clearly written, consistent, accurate and engaging. Sandy’s primary responsibility is to copyedit all grant proposals, evaluation reports and other printed text for JVA. Other recent JVA achievements include co-writing the 2017 2Gen Statewide Conference report for the Colorado Governor’s Office and writing reports summarizing clients’ strategic planning retreats.

Sandy has 20 years of experience editing documents ranging from marketing materials, to medical and military planning reports to newspaper articles of all genres. Her previous experience includes 15 years in the deadline-driven environment of daily newspapers. She has held the roles of news editor, assistant news editor and wire editor. After leaving the Colorado Springs Gazette in 2011, Sandy spent two years as a freelancer writing and editing medical reports for submission to federal agencies including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Before joining JVA, Sandy was a technical/quality control editor at a planning company.

JVA Experience

  • 2Gen Conference: Sandy co-authored a report for the Colorado Governor’s Office summarizing key takeaways and ideas for action emerging from the 2017 Colorado 2Gen Statewide Conference. The report will serve as a starting point as the Governor’s Office plans next steps in the state’s continued implementation of two-generation approaches to addressing poverty.
  • Strategic planning retreat reports: Sandy also writes reports synthesizing key discussion points, group decisions and action plans for clients attending JVA-facilitated strategic planning retreats.


Sandy has a bachelor’s degree in American studies from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree in Journalism from Indiana University.

Community Involvement

Sandy lives in Colorado Springs and volunteers with the media team of the Fountain Creek Water Sentinels, a Sierra Club group that works to monitor and protect the Fountain Creek watershed.

Fun Fact

Sandy and her family destroyed their old wooden deck recently and turned it into raised garden beds they use to grow vegetables.