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social enterprise coaching

What is social enterprise?

 Sometimes “the way it’s always been done” is no longer adequate. At JVA we are relentlessly focused on bringing research and innovation to the field of social enterprise, applying the lessons of implementation science to make grounded recommendations for your venture.

social enterprise coaching

social enterprise consultingThis one-on-one social enterprise coaching series guides social change organizations through an efficient, well-defined, highly-collaborative process to grow and sustain long-term impact via the marketplace.

social enterprise coaching

social enterprise trainingMove from concept to market in our five-day social enterprise coaching and training workshop, Social Enterprise Basecamp. You will learn how to use the methods and disciplines of business to advance your goals.

JVA has a variety of other social enterprise trainings to help you succeed with your next venture.

social enterprise coaching

curated-list-of-our-favorite-resources-2There’s so much information to absorb out there, right? And you’re busy starting or running you’re social enterprise, right? We’ve compiled the most essential to get you started—and inspired!

Meet the Social Enterprise Team

Joining Vision and Action’s expert social enterprise training and coaching practitioners have decades of real-world experience in applying best practices to helping social enterprises succeed. We have partnered with hundreds of clients to maximize their impact – and we want to partner with YOU.

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