When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

By Nora Welch, Director of Strategic Planning and Communications at Joining Vision and Action It’s not “cool” to admit when things don’t go according to plan, right? Or maybe it is … I’m betting many of you have heard of Brené Brown, or seen at least one hashtag somewhere denoting “#vulnerability” or “#courageovercomfort.” So, I’d [...]

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Three Yoga Poses to Support Nonprofit Professionals

Photo by Anumpam Mahapatra on Unsplash. By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action Although I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade, I only started to be more dedicated over the past few years. My conclusion? I wish I had practiced more when I was working as a nonprofit professional. I think [...]

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JVA-ers’ Summer Reading Recommendations

By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action As the unofficial beginning of summer approaches (i.e., Memorial Day weekend), I’ve found myself looking out the window in anticipation of having some time to sit down with a good book and some sunshine (Colorado weather permitting, of course). Maybe you have been [...]

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When the Going Gets Tough, JVAers…

By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action It’s inevitable. Deadline is tomorrow, mandatory social event is tonight, and brain is mush at the moment. The panic, the pressure, the pain. These are very real emotions and circumstances that require real responses—we know, we’ve been there. As the JVA team works to [...]

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2017–2018 PCF and FAP Joint Annual Report

Mesa County Partnership for Children & Families (PCF) and the Family & Adolescent Partnership (FAP) joined again to create their fifth annual community report publication. JVA has helped with the writing and design for the past three reports—including those covering 2015-2016 and 2016-2017—and remains impressed by the collaborative spirit of these two groups. Check out [...]

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Two Donation Sources You Might Be Missing

By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate, Joining Vision and Action “We’ve got all the money we need,” said no nonprofit ever. While funding can come from traditional sources like grants or fundraisers, or something like social enterprise that might be new for your organization, here are two more resources that could potentially add to [...]

Dad Jokes: The Fuel for Social Change?

By Nora Welch, Joining Vision and Action This is a lighthearted post. I know, I know. Much of what we at Joining Vision and Action (as well as you all) do is practical, thought-provoking and social-change inspiring. And this is not that … or is it? Let me tell you two things up front. My [...]

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The Six Elements of a Fulfilling Volunteering Experience

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer for Joining Vision and Action To mark National Volunteer Week, I’ve been talking to my colleagues about the whys and hows of their experiences volunteering with nonprofits. Earlier this week, I shared their stories about what they gain from volunteering. Today, I’ll share their responses to two last, [...]

Why My Co-workers Love to Volunteer

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action It’s National Volunteer Week, a time to celebrate volunteers and their ability to tackle tough challenges and bolster communities, to paraphrase Points of Light. Recently, I wrote a blog about my own desire to increase my community engagement. I shared what studies and [...]

Design Basics: Choosing your Font

By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action Who knew I would be chatting design with my favorite hot-yoga teacher? But alas, there we were a few weeks ago. She was telling me that she had this awesome bumper sticker that she really wanted to put on her vehicle, but because [...]