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A Call to Action

Huffington Post Image Sarah Hidey, Senior Financing Associate at Joining Vision and Action This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend an event at Shorter Community AME Church, Urgent Call to Action for White & Non-Black POC Allies, which was organized by Indivisible Denver at the request of the Movement for Black Lives. [...]

The Trump Budget: An Information and Action Session

By Lisa Cirincione, Joining Vision and Action Summary: A lively discussion and presentation about how President Trump’s proposed federal budget may impact projects undertaken by the City and County of Denver, environmental nonprofits, immigration rights advocates and healthcare providers. Conversations that Matter On August 9, Joining Vision and Action hosted a panel of changemakers [...]

Three Concepts from Nature That Can Help Your Organization Thrive

According to Adam Brock, JVA’s Director of Social Enterprise, the major barriers we face to living well on the planet are not technological--they are economic, social and political. In his years of food activism and permaculture design, Adam encountered many brilliant initiatives that failed as a result of their execution at the social or [...]

July 12 Conversations That Matter: Permaculture Wisdom for Thriving Organizations

On July 12, #changemakers from around the Denver area met at the Joining Vision and Action offices for the monthly Conversations That Matter salon and networking event. This month featured Adam Brock, director of social enterprise at Joining Vision and Action and recent author of the new book, Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for [...]

Changemaker Profile: Angela Bomgaars

This week, we speak with Angela Bomgaars, executive director of Extreme Community Makeover (ECM). ECM is based out of the Westwood neighborhood of Denver and has been serving Denver communities since 2008. 1. Tell us about you and your organization and the social change you are trying to achieve. “Extreme Community Makeover (ECM) [...]

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Total Rewards

This word cloud represents those non-monetary areas mentioned most frequently by respondents in Joining Vision and Action’s Total Rewards survey (larger words indicate concepts mentioned more frequently). Each need serious attention by anyone in the C-suite responsible for furthering their organization’s mission though an engaged workforce The Engagement Equation “It’s one of your biggest [...]

Changemaker Profile: Kayce Casner Anderson

This week, we speak with Kayce Casner Anderson, executive director of For the Good Period. Kayce founded the organization just over three years ago. We were fortunate to catch up with her in between her travels to Kenya and to Telluride—and are grateful for the opportunity to share her wisdom and experience as [...]

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Changemaker Profile: Christine Wanifuchi

This week, we speak with Christine Wanifuchi, chief executive officer of the Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC). We are big fans of APDC’s work and the incredible leadership Christine has provided to the organization. After a 30-year career as a #changemaker in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, Christine recently retired June 30, 2017. [...]

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How to have “the talk” with your board members—yes, about fundraising!

By Janine Vanderburg, Joining Vision and Action “How do I talk with our board members about fundraising?” In my over three decades of working for community and social change, one of the most frequent issues I hear about is motivating nonprofit board members to fundraise. The Giving USA 2017 report, which came out this [...]

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Changemaker Profile: Claire Clurman

This week, we spoke with Claire Clurman, executive director of Attention Homes, located in Boulder, Colorado. Claire has been with Attention Homes for almost nine years and has led the organization for the last three and a half years. 1. Tell us about you and your organization and the social change you are trying [...]

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