Shopping Social Enterprise for Valentine’s Day

 By Janine Vanderburg, President and CEO, Joining Vision and Action  Shopping social enterprise on Valentine's Day is a terrific way to not only say "I love you" but also to express your values. So with everything going on in the world, has it occurred to anyone else that Valentine's Day is exactly a week away? That [...]

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How We Think About Setbacks Matters

EVALUATION TRAININGS By Jill Iman, Director of Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science Imagine this Situation Imagine that both Jada and Levi are in a middle school science class and each of us fails the mid-term test. Do you think Jada and Levi will each interpret that F the same? And, what will their classmates think about the [...]

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Advocacy and Action in the Trump Era: Highlights from our Panelists and Actions to Take

By Erin Shaver and Janine Vanderburg, Joining Vision and Action It was standing-room only at Joining Vision and Action on Wednesday night, when more than 100 people from all over the local community showed up, ready to listen, learn and share their experiences at the panel/workshop, Advocacy and Action in the Trump Era. A joint [...]

Will Social Enterprise Survive the Trump Era?

By Rolfe Larson, Senior Consultant for Strategic and Business Planning, Joining Vision and Action (JVA) We expect big changes. This week, we enter a new era. Starting January 20, there will be significant policy and funding changes in the U.S. in healthcare, education, immigration and the environment. While we cannot predict accurately what those changes [...]

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Foundation job: James Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation

Joining Vision and Action is thrilled to announce that we are launching a search for an Education Director of the James Walton Fund (Name TBD) of the Walton Family Foundation. This foundation job is an incredible opportunity for someone with 10-15 years of experience in education reform, who has great strategic, relationship and network building [...]

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