My Favorite #SuperBowlAds: Community and Social Change

When I’m watching the Super Bowl, the #SuperBowl ads are always my favorite. But not usually with the lens of how do they advance or reflect community and social change. Going into last night’s game, there had been much talk of the potential of political messaging in #SuperBowlAds. And while what I saw could be [...]

How to get more website traffic for your social enterprise

Alaine Anderson, digital strategist and implementer, Joining Vision and Action Blogging: It’s not only the bread and butter of driving traffic to a website, it also positions your organization as experts in your field. In particular, social enterprises have a lot to gain from blogging. Beyond just establishing expertise, it provides a platform to raise [...]

#GivingTuesday: Polish Your Website with SEO

By John Connelly, president and founder of Sensus Media #GivingTuesday is 13 days away. Colorado Gives Day is 20 days away. And your nonprofit website should’ve been search engine optimized (SEO) yesterday. #GivingTuesday and Colorado Gives Day, approaching their 6th and 8th anniversaries, respectively, have been a major fundraising boon for nonprofits nationally and across Colorado—especially for [...]

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Media Relations: Create a Media Policy

By Scot Kersgaard, JVA  You’ve been sending press releases, building your online presence, setting up Google Alerts, writing op/eds, phoning reporters, crafting key messages, tweaking your story. Finally, you’re getting some media interest. Don’t blow it. A media policy is one of those things most organizations don’t think about until the lack of a policy [...]

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3 ways using Twitter can help your grantwriting success

As a nonprofit grantwriter or development professional, you're busy. You know that social media is popular, but how exactly, is it going to help you get your job done? Here are 3 ways we use Twitter at [Joining Vision and Action] to help with grantwriting. 1. Researching and understanding trends, current events affecting your work. [...]

Holiday mixer etiquette for young professionals: Ask Amber

By Amber Alarid, [Joining Vision and Action] The holiday season is upon us and whether it be in celebration of Hanukah, New Year’s or Festivus (thanks, Seinfeld), the holiday party invitations will be rolling in. While we all know that the company holiday party is not the place to let your hair completely down, there [...]