The 6 Elements of a Fulfilling Volunteering Experience

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer for Joining Vision and Action To mark National Volunteer Week, I spent some time talking with my colleagues about the whys and hows of their experiences volunteering with nonprofits. In an earlier blog, I shared their stories about what they gain from volunteering. This time, I’ll share their [...]

Why My Co-workers Love to Volunteer

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action It’s National Volunteer Week, a time to celebrate volunteers and their ability to tackle tough challenges and bolster communities, to paraphrase Points of Light. Recently, I wrote a blog about my own desire to increase my community engagement. I shared what studies and [...]

7 Starting Points for Solid Secondary Data

By Aaron Schonhoff, Research and Evaluation Associate at Joining Vision and Action Secondary data sources are vital tools to have at your disposal. Though it may not provide insight into your specific research, secondary data can provide context to your geographic area and the issues it faces, or it can help identify regions suitable for [...]

Design Basics: Choosing your Font

By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action Who knew I would be chatting design with my favorite hot-yoga teacher? But alas, there we were a few weeks ago. She was telling me that she had this awesome bumper sticker that she really wanted to put on her vehicle, but because [...]

Where’s the Good Content?

By Alaine Anderson, Digital Strategist and Implementer at Joining Vision and Action I recently read an article discussing how to motivate staff to give you content for social media. This struck me as the perfect opportunity to share how I’ve motivated our own JVA team to boost our online content. As someone in charge of [...]

Your “Fab Five” for Annual Report Content

By Nora Welch, Senior Leadership Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action While I am likely to notice the visual appeal first, the content is also important to consider when you’re putting together an annual report. Content will depend on a variety of things, including but not limited to your intended audience, reporting requirements—and staff’s availability [...]

Does Your Nonprofit Board Engage in Groupthink or Rubber-Stamping?

Photo by fauxels on Pexels Six Tips for Healthy Board Decision-Making and Relations By Sandra Harris Howard, Senior Trainer and Facilitator with Joining Vision and Action In my work supporting executive directors with their nonprofit board relations, I was asked a thought-provoking question: “Is there ever dissension among members of the board of directors?” My immediate [...]

Deadline Overload: Survival Tips From the Trenches

By Erin Shaver, Joining Vision and Action Sometimes deadlines fit nicely into your life—spaced out neatly, one being met as the next one appears on the horizon. Or, if you’re lucky, there is breathing room between the big ones, a chance to pause, reflect and recharge before the next one bears down. In reality, does [...]

You Aren’t Imagining it—Coloradans Do Pay More for our Healthcare

By Lisa Cirincione, Senior Resource Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action It seems that each year, fewer people can afford healthcare. From 2006 to 2016, the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance increased 77 percent—from an average annual premium of $2,973 to $5,277. During that same time period, incomes only rose 19 percent. Warren Buffet [...]

Elevate Your Annual Report to ‘WOW’ Status

By Nora Welch, Joining Vision and Action With the recent passing of the torch between calendar years, chances are high that you’ve seen a few annual reports in your physical or electronic mailboxes. Chances are also good that you’ve had both positive and negative reactions to those. While we could spend a whole other blog on the [...]

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