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Importance of program evaluation

The funding world becomes more competitive every day, and the organizations that can prove their programs work are the ones that get funded. Our proven evaluation program will help your organization show evidence of its success and ultimately lead to an increase in donors and funding.

Evaluation training

Spanning two full days, this Joining Vision and Action evaluation training will give you the information you need to design and implement a comprehensive program evaluation using both qualitative and quantitative tools.

  • Learn basic terminology and concepts used in evaluation
  • Understand the growing importance of program evaluation in the nonprofit sector
  • Receive a logic model template and learn how to design and use your own logic models and evaluation plans
  • Understand and be able to effectively use different evaluation methods and data collection tools
  • Learn the basics of analyzing data and reporting findings
  • Ensure that your organization is ready to effectively measure and report the results of its programs

Why sign up?

Even if you hire Joining Vision and Action or someone else to perform most of your program evaluation, this training will help you manage evaluation projects and give you a solid understanding of how to get the most out of your efforts.

Another Fantastic Offer!

Psst! Want to add the cherry on top? We’ve partnered Evaluation Intensive and Creating Dashboards in our schedule so you can learn it all in one fell swoop. Keep the ball rolling and join us for the morning after EI for a sweet deal of $299 total.

Who's Attending

6 people are attending Evaluation Intensive

  • Julia Anderson
  • Yazan Fattaleh
  • Caitlin Oken
  • Giselle Cummings
  • Yumiko Dougherty
  • Brooke Werner