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Strategic planning is easy, right?

Creating a strategic plan can be as simple as sitting down in a coffee house and scratching a few ideas onto the back of an envelope.

That is, of course, unless you have a board of directors, funders, clients or anyone other than yourself to be accountable to.

Why it’s important.

Strategic planning is a big deal in today’s world. Funders and grantmakers want to see a strong plan before they write checks. Boards tend to like it when executive directors make progress toward the metrics and goals agreed to in a strategic plan, and everyone likes knowing they are on the same page as everyone else.

Even if you hire someone like Joining Vision and Action to lead your strategic planning process, there is still a lot of work to be done at the organizational level to ensure that you develop a plan that will help your organization achieve and sustain success over the long-term.

This training will help you lay the groundwork for a great plan. Sign up today!