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Are you curious about how to create a simple income statement for your social enterprise? Join us for this mini training and learn tips and tricks for how to capture the financials you need (and ditch the ones you don’t).

For 30 years Joining Vision and Action has been helping changemakers succeed, sustain and scale. One of our secrets? Always be learning. We learn from clients to fellow staff members and scientific journals to chance encounters with people out and about. We love it. We soak it up. We put it all together and keep sharing it back with you so that we can start the whole process over again.

This is what our Summer Series is all about. Bringing people and knowledge together to help us all get a little bit further and a little bit better.

Through listening to our clients and keeping a pulse on what’s going on in our local and global communities, we’ve identified a few key topics that people are wanting to know more.

This specific event will feature JVA staff (who are also social entrepreneurs) who will help guide you through an easy-to-follow process through each stage of creating your very own income statement. Hear their thoughts about what works, what doesn’t and what supports they use along the way. You’ll leave with a fresh perspective, new ideas and actionable tools to use. As with all JVA trainings, it is not about our trainers and handouts (yes, they’re both great) … they’re about you. So be sure to come prepared with your own questions about what you’d like to know about developing a simple income statement for social enterprise.

If at the end of your reporting period you’ve wondered how to create a simple income statement for your social enterprise, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Register below!