When I’m watching the Super Bowl, the #SuperBowl ads are always my favorite. But not usually with the lens of how do they advance or reflect community and social change.

Going into last night’s game, there had been much talk of the potential of political messaging in #SuperBowlAds. And while what I saw could be potentially interpreted as political messages, what several ads communicated to me was evidence that community and social change has occurred in some ways—a result of years and years of work by many. Sufficient that businesses making huge spends on those ads knew that they could communicate messages of inclusiveness and diversity. And that genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

Here were my four favorites:

84 Lumber. The story of an immigrant mother and her daughter arriving at a wall—and Fox’s refusal to let them show the ending— was hands down the most provocative, emotional and compelling. I’d never heard of the company before–has anyone else? Since the ad was released, many questions have arisen. We’ll keep you posted about what we learn.


Audi. As the mother of two amazing daughters and married to a guy who encouraged them along the way, I LOVED, LOVED this ad. As someone who works every day with organizations who are dedicated to gender equality, I know how far we have to go. This ad gave me hope.


Coca Cola. Coke repurposed this ad, which shows people of many races and colors singing the national anthem. It was controversial the first time, it will be controversial again. “How dare people sing the national anthem in a foreign language?” So kudos, Coke for not letting boycott threats get in the way, especially in today’s political climate. Together is beautiful.


Airbnb. Airbnb’s 30-second #weaccept ad pretty much summed up it all. “The world is more beautiful the more you accept.”


What was your favorite ad?