Deadline: 2/15/22 (LOI—Grant Inquiry Form)

Amount: $25,000–$75,000



Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations and government agencies for initiatives that benefit local residents. Funding is intended to support new or ongoing programs and projects that improve infrastructure, strengthen connections between organizations and individuals, and create positive change in communities throughout the state.

The Boettcher Foundation’s two priority areas are as follows:

  1. Transformational Initiatives: Approaching challenges and opportunities in innovative ways and conceptualizing problems differently takes courage and risk. The Foundation invests in organizations and initiatives that strive to innovate and create positive change in Colorado communities.
  2. Community Connections: Supporting and developing connections that create a sum greater than their parts is vital to the health of communities in the state. As such, the Foundation invests in initiatives or infrastructure projects that bring together, support, or deepen the connections between individuals and/or organizations.

Eligible applicants:

Non-Profit, Town, City or County Government, Native American Tribal Government, Institution of Higher Education, State Government

Please note that the Boettcher Foundation does not fund, or prioritize funding, the following:

  1. General operating support
  2. Ongoing social and human service programming
  3. Foundations or funds that provide individual financial assistance
  4. Capital projects and programs for religious purposes
  5. Organizations primarily serving animals
  6. Capital projects at K-12 charter, public, or private schools
  7. Hospital facilities
  8. Affordable housing
  9. Emergency service equipment or vehicles


Garrett Mayberry, Program Manager


Boettcher Foundation

600 17th Street, Suite 2210

Denver, Colorado 80202