Deadline: 2/1/22

Amount: $5,000-$25,000 (typical grant size: $10,000)



CLIF Bar Family Foundation grants are awarded annually for general operational support, as well as for specific projects. Priority is given to applicants who are simultaneously addressing two or more of the CLIF Bar Family Foundation’s main funding priorities, which include:

  1. Strengthening our food systems;
  2. Enhancing equitable community health outcomes; and
  3. Safeguarding our environment and natural resources.

Successful grant recipients should:

  1. Demonstrate their organization’s strong community ties;
  2. Have clearly defined plans showing a pathway towards positive change; and
  3. Viably operate so that funding is not requested for deficit or capital funding, endowments, religious groups, media projects (such as films, books, radio) or sponsorship of fundraising events.

Eligible applicants:

Small-to-midsize grassroots groups and nonprofit organizations led by people whose vision and commitment are acknowledged, supported, and admired by the CLIF Bar Family Foundation.