Deadline: 11/23/21

Amount: $1,000-$16,000



Grants to Colorado individuals and facilities for animal recovery efforts. Funding is intended to rehabilitate species authorized under an appropriate license. Grants may be used for expenses related to wildlife rehabilitation, including food, facility infrastructure and structural support, medical costs, training, and public education.

The following lists examples of activities eligible for funding through the Wildlife Rehabilitation Grants Program. Other activities may be considered by the Board. Applicants are encouraged to check with the program coordinator for eligibility of activities not listed below.

  1. Food for species rehabilitated at the facility
  2. Upgrade or repair facility infrastructure
  3. Facility operation and maintenance
  4. Upgraded, expanded, or new rehabilitation structures (e.g. enclosures, flight cages) at existing licensed facilities
  5. Veterinary or medical expenses
  6. Public education and outreach on animal rehabilitation, and resolving human-wildlife conflicts
  7. Training

Eligible applicants:

Applicants must be wildlife rehabilitators currently licensed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. In general, grant funds can only be used for species authorized under the applicable wildlife rehabilitation license. Ineligible activities include:

  1. Activities related to species not authorized under the applicable wildlife rehabilitation license, with the exception of sparrows, starlings, and collared doves.
  2. Non-releasable animal support or housing (e.g. sanctuary)
  3. Lobbying
  4. Staff salaries
  5. Out-of-state travel, conferences


Jim Guthrie


Colorado Parks & Wildlife Headquarters

6060 Broadway

Denver, CO 80216