Denver Arts and Venues: P.S. You Are Here Grant Program
Deadline: 10/16/2020
Amount: $10,000 max
The purpose of the program is to support community-driven and collaborative placemaking projects that activate city-owned, outdoor public spaces, defined as areas that are accessible and open to the public, such as an alley, park, plaza, or street. Crowdfunding and fundraising through community engagement activities is encouraged. Projects must benefit Denver residents.
Projects should be on display from three months up to one year, highly visible, physical in nature, and can include but are not limited to: design interventions, community projects, artistic interpretations and public art, streetscaping, landscaping, and functioning public amenities such as decorative benches, tables and bicycle racks.
The goal of the program is to support placemaking and neighborhood revitalization projects that:
  1. Enrich the lives of Denver residents and visitors by integrating arts, culture and creativity into daily life and neighborhoods and making them accessible for all
  2. Foster community collaboration; encourage partnership among artists and creative industries, businesses, and non- and for-profit organizations
  3. Accelerate economic vitality, inspire neighborhood revitalization, and promote our vibrant communities as a destination to live, work, and play
  4. Inspire creative and innovative thinking, and showcase locally cultivated talent
  5. Demonstrate cultural diversity, social equity and inclusiveness through the engagement of arts, culture and creativity in neighborhoods
  6. Nurture and honor community identity and heritage; preserve and commemorate local and multicultural traditions and histories
  7. Animate and rejuvenate public spaces
  8. Increase public safety and awareness
  9. Capitalize on community assets and identity
  10. Create public spaces that promote health, happiness and wellbeing