Deadline: 7/20/2020
Amount: Total funding available under this Request for Proposals (RFP) is up to approximately $950,000.00.
Description: The City and County of Denver through the Community Outreach and Resource Engagement Division (CORE) under Denver Human Services (DHS) is seeking proposals from qualified agencies and organizations to provide services to Denver’s low-income community residents. Organizations will be sought who possess expertise in providing Food Access, Agency Capacity Building and reducing barriers to employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Target Funding Areas
Consideration will be given to proposers who will focus on the following three (3) areas identified below.
1. Nutrition (Emergency Food Access):
The goal of this will be to provide emergency food access in high need areas of Denver as a response to the increase in demand due to COVID 19. Examples of this could be meal delivery, prep, pick up, etc. This can be a collaboration across multiple partners.
2. Employment Barriers:
Address barriers to long-term or sustainable employment through innovative programming as a response to COVID 19, information about employment and job training, economic development programs, job counseling, job placement services and on-the-job training activities to enhance the skills of working persons during employment and community-based employment assistance.
3. Agency Capacity Building/Technology:
Capacity building and/or technology pertains to improving the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit related to the COVID-19 emergency. Organizations eligible for this section must be working to alleviate the effects of poverty in the Denver community.
Activities include, but are not limited to, helping staff to more effectively telecommute and/or for agency/program operations to be moved to be more remote-based and/or deal with increased demand.