Department of Natural Resources: Colorado’s Water Plan Grants

Deadline: 12/1/2020

Amount: unspecified



The purpose of the program is to support Colorado government entities and nonprofit organizations for projects to develop, conserve, protect, and manage water resources throughout the state. Funding is intended for projects in one of the following categories: environmental and recreation, conservation and land use, engagement and innovation activities, water storage and supply, and agriculture.

Water Plan Funding Categories include:

  1. Water Storage and Supply Projects – Projects that facilitate the development of additional storage, artificial recharge into aquifers, and dredging existing reservoirs to restore the reservoirs’ full decreed storage capacity, multi-beneficial projects, and those projects identified in basin implementation plans to address the water supply and demand gap.
  2. Conservation & Land Use Projects – Activities that implement long-term strategies for conservation, land use, and drought planning.
  3. Engagement & Innovation Activities – Activities that support water education, outreach, and innovation efforts.
  4. Agricultural Projects – Projects that provide technical assistance or improve agricultural efficiency.
  5. Environmental & Recreation Projects – Projects that promote watershed health, environmental health, and recreation

Eligible applicants:

Governmental entities – municipalities, districts, enterprises, counties, and State of Colorado agencies

Private entities – mutual ditch companies, non-profit corporations, and partnerships