Heller Charitable Foundation Grants
Deadline: 8/3/2020
Amount: unspecified
The foundation’s interests include programs making valuable contributions in environment and health, music and education.
ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH PROGRAM PRIORITIES – To promote the long-term good health and viability of communities and regions
* by supporting programs to prevent harm to human health from toxic substances and other environmental hazards;
* by encouraging planning and development at the regional level, aimed at integrating economic and social goals with sound environmental policies; and
* by supporting initiatives for sustainability in agriculture and food systems.
MUSIC PROGRAM PRIORITIES – To encourage the playing, enjoyment and accessibility of symphonic and chamber music
* by providing scholarship and program assistance at selected community music centers, schools and institutes; and
* by helping community-based ensembles of demonstrated quality implement artistic initiatives, diversify and increase audiences, and improve fund-raising capacity.
EDUCATION PROGRAM PRIORITIES – To provide environmental and arts education opportunities to children and youth
* by supporting programs for educators and artists to improve and apply their teaching skills in these subjects; and
* by supporting efforts to advance environmental and arts education programs.
Eligible applicants:
schools/school districts
institutions of higher education