Deadline: 4/5/22

Amount: up to $10,000



Shortly after the incorporation of IMA more than 40 years ago, the company’s founders showed true vision and commitment to the community by creating the IMA Foundation. With employee owners at the core of our business, the goal of the IMA Foundation is to represent the passions of our associates and make strategic contributions within the foundation’s three focus areas:

  1. Advancing Youth: To reduce the drop-out rate and offer a chance of quality futures for young people.
  2. Mentoring programs
  3. After school programs
  4. Youth Mental Health
  5. Arts & Culture: To improve the quality of life in local communities through the arts.
  6. Cultural institutions
  7. Arts in Education programs that offer arts education programming in public schools
  8. Education: To support educational institutions so that young people graduate with increased skills and knowledge, resulting in a higher skilled workforce in the future.
  9. Educational institutions
  10. K-12 public education
  11. Higher education

Eligible applicants:

Nonprofit organizations may apply.