Deadline: 1/08/2020
  1. Standard projects: up to 15 awards of $550,000 max
  2. Comprehensive projects: three to seven awards of $650,000 max
The purpose of this program is to improve the response of the civil and criminal justice system to families with a history of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, or in cases involving allegations of child sexual abuse. Funding will support activities for improving the capacity of communities and courts to respond to impacted families.
Funding must be used for one or more of the following purpose areas:
  1. Purpose area 1: supervised visitation and safe exchange: providing supervised visitation and safe visitation exchange of children and youth by and between parents in situations involving domestic violence, dating violence, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, or stalking
  2. Purpose area 3: training for court-based and court-related personnel: educating court-based and court-related personnel and court-appointed personnel and child protective services workers on the dynamics of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking, including information on perpetrator behavior, evidence-based risk factors for domestic and dating violence homicide, and on issues relating to the needs of victims, including safety, security, privacy, and confidentiality, including cases in which the victim proceeds pro se
  3. Purpose area 4: juvenile court resources: providing appropriate resources in juvenile court matters to respond to dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking to ensure necessary services dealing with the health and mental health of victims are available
  4. Purpose area 5: court and court-based programs and services: enabling courts or court-based or court-related programs
  5. Purpose area 6: civil legal assistance: providing civil legal assistance and advocacy services, including legal information and resources in cases in which the victim proceeds pro se, to victims of domestic violence and non-offending parents
  6. Purpose area 8: training within the civil justice system: improving training and education to assist judges, judicial personnel, attorneys, child welfare personnel, and legal advocates in the civil justice system