National Geographic Society: Equity and the Natural World
Deadline: 10/21/2020
Amount: $80,000 max
The purpose of the program is to illuminate and document underrepresented communities that have traditionally been given less consideration in the environmental movement. Projects should align to one of three focus areas: wildlife, human journey, and changing planet.
The National Geographic Society wants to bring hidden stories to the surface and to understand in rich detail those who have been given far too little consideration in the environmental movement. It wants to tell stories that illuminate the policies and actions that have brought the global community to an unprecedented moment on the precipice of planetary climate disaster—and how frontline communities will feel the consequences much more than wealthy ones.
Examples of potential story angles:
  1. Land use issues and access to healthy food
  2. Local and Indigenous heroes  and the power they bring to protecting the natural world
  3. Impacts of environmental degradation and resource extraction on local communities
  4. Health impacts of access—or lack of access—to urban green spaces
  5. Solutions and ways in which countries with less material wealth are leading in mitigating plastic use or pollution
  6. Examining the complex relationships many cultures have with nature
  7. Climate-related forces driving people to migrate from their homes
  8. Rural communities and their changing connection and access to nature