Deadline: 2/28/22

Amount: $10,000-$100,000 (typical grant size: $35,000-$75,000)



Since established in 2000, the three global PIMCO Foundations have granted more than $49 million to support nonprofit organizations worldwide. In 2018, the PIMCO Foundation solidified its major funding priorities, which continue to be centered around:

  1. Alleviating world hunger through the launching and strengthening food banks;
  2. Moving the needle on gender equality and educational outreach, including financially supporting women-owned networks as well as engaging in advocacy efforts to work collaboratively with organizations such as CAMFED, GirlUp, Room to Read, and SHE-CAN;
  3. Providing disaster relief;
  4. Addressing growing issues of homelessness; and
  5. Leveraging resources so that college & career preparation courses and 1:1 mentoring are much more readily available (particularly for high school students who come from from low-income families).

Eligible applicants:

Nonprofit organizations whose work helps to vastly improve one or more of the following programmatic areas:

  1. Early childhood development;
  2. Economic and workforce development;
  3. Gaining increased access to Higher Education; and
  4. Housing & other social services.


Amber Skalsky, Vice President