Deadline: 3/01/2020
Amount: $30,000 avg
The purpose of the Children’s Initiative component is to support direct service projects that promote resilience, stability, and psycho-social health for youth ages 12 and above who have been traumatized by adverse childhood experiences. Projects must:
  1. Directly serve youth who have been significantly traumatized by adverse childhood experiences, including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; domestic violence, substance abuse or mental illness in the household; parental separation or divorce; incarceration of a household member; or physical or emotional neglect
  2. Offer age-appropriate therapeutic interventions, activities, or services that promote resilience, stability, and psycho-social health in traumatized youth
  3. Provide services that go beyond crisis intervention and the establishment of initial safety
  4. Include a plan for evaluating program effectiveness, with metrics that demonstrate the impact of the program on the participating youth
  5. Enhance the relationship between the youth and at least one significant adult, such as a parent, primary caregiver, or other adult with whom the youth has a meaningful and ideally long-term relationship
  6. Be a new program for the organization, or a new therapeutic component to an existing program, currently in development or within its first year of implementation
  7. Use trauma-informed practices and policies and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing trauma training for involved staff