Deadline: 3/01/2020
Amount: $30,000 max
The purpose of this program is to support meaningful, responsible philanthropy that promotes the welfare of human and natural resources.
Funding is available through the following components:
  1. (Part A): International Initiative
  2. (Part B): Children’s Initiative
  3. (Part C): Sustainable Forests and Communities Initiative
The purpose of the International Initiative component is to advance opportunity, equity, and well-being for women and girls in developing countries by helping them overcome hardship, reach their full potential, and help their families and communities to flourish. The funding agency funds projects that deliver or promote:
  1. Economic opportunity: projects involving skill building, entrepreneurial and employment training, and access to capital and markets
  2. Education: projects that facilitate high quality and relevant education in an environment in which girls feel safe and encouraged
  3. Health: projects that promote the physical and psychological well-being of girls, as well as women and their children