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Grantwriting Products & Services

We have extensive experience writing successful corporate and foundation grants, as well as state and federal government grants. We use a specific process, which has yielded demonstrable results. Our grantwriting products include:
We are conversant on nearly every funding topic imaginable, and we are fluent in the language of funder. This makes our grant proposals competitive year after year. Our grantwriters will partner with you to develop a competitive grant proposal highlighting how your expertise and big ideas will change the world.

Grant Proposal Package

Are Your Grant Proposals Getting the Results you Want?

If the answer is no, our Grant Proposal Template Package may be the solution. We will create a template foundation grant proposal in the format most frequently used in your state. It will include attachments, and your team can customize it for different foundation and corporate funders.

Our Grant Proposal Template Package Includes:

  • A compelling cover letter, written by a member of our marketing team, that strongly differentiates your organization from others engaged in similar work and clearly articulates why funding you is a good investment
  • A template grant proposal narrative in the format most frequently used by funders in your state¹, with up-to-date statistics documenting the need for your work, research citations supporting your approach and an evaluation plan section reviewed by one of our professional evaluators. Additionally, each grant proposal narrative is reviewed by a former funder, ensuring that your proposal reflects a funder’s point of view
  • A set of reviewed and formatted attachments that support the proposal narrative
  • All proposal documents professionally edited and provided to you in two formats: one in Word, for email and print submissions, and one for submission in online formats
  • A link to a webinar for your team on how to customize your proposal to meet the needs, requirements and priorities of different funders, as well as tips for successful site visits
¹Applicable in states that have a common grant application


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What is a Grantwriter, Only Better?

Most organizations cannot afford to keep on staff a full-time grantwriter. Or if they do, this grantwriter often does not have the array of skills that our grants team can offer you (writing, copyediting, funding research, reviewing evaluation plans, experience deciphering RFPs). This product streamlines grantwriting for clients and increases their capacity to focus on their programming and mission.

Our Grant Writer Only Better© package is based on more than 27 years of federal and foundation grantwriting success at all levels. Our grantwriting process is a tried and true method that is among the most effective in the sector. A yearlong engagement for comprehensive grant-related services will include the following benefits:

  • New funding sources. We will conduct funding research to identify new opportunities to meet your desired funding goals to help ensure sustainability, support any needed growth and further impact.
  • Someone else focused on the details. We will provide overall project management of the grantwriting process, as well as the writing, related research, literature reviews and budget assistance. With staff experienced on both sides of the aisle—grantseeking and grantmaking—we know that funders can’t read our minds, so our job is to help these funders see what our clients see, and understand what these important organizations live, eat and breathe every day. That is our foremost job, and joy, as grantwriters. Our methods result in strong, compelling proposals that are competitive in an increasingly tight funding environment.
  • Access to an entire team working for you. We will provide one lead liaison to your organization. This liaison will work with our team of diverse experts to provide you with the broadest expertise for your needs. With researchers, writers, specialized content experts and editors, we have the largest team of its kind in the Intermountain West—all available as your confidants for general, specific and strategic advice. With us, you will benefit from a cross-disciplinary team with success in grantwriting across all sectors and an “outsider perspective” that is advantageous in strengthening your proposals.
  • Greater value. Working with our team will be less expensive than hiring another in-house grantwriter. It will also free up precious time for your leadership to focus on other areas of management, fundraising and impact.
  • Success. Our grantwriting customers consider us a significant partner in their grantwriting success, yielding a significant return on their investment.


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Federal Grantwriting

Federal grant awards can open opportunities for your organization to pilot new programs, expand services and bring your community impact to another level. But writing and preparing a federal grant proposal can be a full-time job. Our expert team of federal grantwriters is here to support you in pursuing these opportunities. That way, you can focus on what matters most—your programs and your communities.

Our team has written successful proposals to nearly all 26 federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Corporation for National and Community Service, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Science Foundation.

We know what it takes to write a winning federal grant proposal, and our team of grantwriters will work with you to craft a competitive proposal and prepare your final application.

Need to develop a stellar evaluation plan for your proposal? Our evaluation team is ready to help. We have successfully developed customized logic models and designed and executed robust evaluation plans for numerous federally funded grant proposals.

Interested in seeking federal grant funding but not sure if your organization is ready? Sign up for How to Write and Secure Federal Grants training and learn how to be federal grant-ready.


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