With Denver’s population increasing every year, it is crucial that residents are still able to secure jobs with opportunities for talent development and career growth. Joining Vision and Action is proud to have secured $422,652 in grant funding for the City of Denver’s Office of Economic Development to increase the economic mobility of workers in retail and adjacent sectors in Denver. Approximately 350 disadvantaged Denver adults as well as disconnected youth, age 16 to 24, will benefit from a variety of training programs designed to help them secure retail jobs and then advance into mid-level and advanced positions. These programs include:

  • Job readiness training customized to the retail sector
  • Job placement assistance
  • Resume writing help
  • Interviewing skills workshops
  • Post placement services to promote job retention
  • Retail career ladder opportunities

“Helping create local jobs for local residents is a priority for us, and we’re thrilled to receive this grant that will equip us to better support struggling residents who are working hard to get back to work,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.