Kris Geerken
Kris GeerkenSenior Planning and Policy Consultant

Kris Geerken, M.A.

Kris’ work includes program development, community engagement, facilitation, aging issues and education, advocacy, media production, policy work, advance care planning and nonprofit hospice. She is particularly passionate about and well versed in work related to improving and increasing community awareness about health care programs to enhance well-being for all people. She strives to bring equity to health care.

Relevant Experience

Working with Changing the Narrative, Kris was an executive producer for the PBS12 series On the same pAGE, which brought multiple generations of Colorado community representatives together to discuss ageism. She currently manages an intergenerational ageism campaign by facilitating and organizing virtual discussion groups, and she recently developed an Ageism in Health Care campaign consisting of a fact sheet, a presentation and a short film.


Kris holds a B.S. in Human Development with concentrations in aging, grief and loss from the State University of New York.

She holds a Master of Health Administration degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and has remained engaged with the faculty, staff and students.

Community Involvement

Kris serves on the board of directors for Colorado Center for Aging (formerly known as Colorado Senior Lobby), where she advocates for policies to improve the quality of life for older Coloradans through legislation and education.

This year she was involved with the development and presentation of several statewide webinars focused on raising awareness about issues concerning older Coloradans during Older Americans Month.

In 2020, she co-organized A Capitol Affair, an event focused on legislative initiatives impacting older Coloradans in the 2020 General Assembly including the importance of citizen education and advocacy. She co-organized the Persevering Through A Pandemic Webinar Series in the fall of 2020.

Kris previously worked for hospices in Ohio and Colorado, where she developed an advance care planning training program for community members.