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Marketing and Communications Products and Services

Whether you need a marketing plan, a media relations training, a social media plan, new messaging or a partner who can work with you on both the development and implementation of all these elements, we have you covered.

We have worked on major marketing initiatives with public library districts, environmental advocacy organizations, health care businesses, child-centered organizations, nonprofit health care providers, community organizations and others.

We will work with you to understand your goals, key audiences and messages, and we will then develop a plan geared specifically toward those outcomes. The actionable plan we create will help you see results immediately.

Annual Report

Does creating your organization’s annual report get delegated to a staff member who has barely a sliver of availability in his or her busy schedule to pull it together?

Do months and months and months go by before the report is completed?

Do you think your annual report could be better?

Annual Reports as Marketing Tools

If you have always thought of your annual report as something you had to do rather than as an opportunity to engage your community, impress your funders and show the world how great you are, we have news for you: Your annual report can be one of the most effective, most compelling marketing tools you have. The sooner you release it, the better you look to funders, volunteers, board members, the media and others–and the longer you can use it to build your brand.

We can help you create a report that highlights your accomplishments without feeling like an advertisement.

Visually Compelling Annual Reports Produced in Two Weeks

We want to help your organization create a compelling, powerful annual report that tells the story of the amazing work you do. Our team will create a report that is tailored for presentation in both hard copy and online.

You want your annual report to stand out from the rest; so do we. And it will. We’ll combine visuals, infographics and narrative so that the impact of your work is demonstrated in a way it never has been before.

Once we have all of the information we need from you in hand, we’ll turn your report around in two weeks. No more opting not to include an annual report as one of your “optional” grant attachments late into the year. Your donors, funders, volunteers, clients and community will be seeing, reading and engaging with your story in a matter of weeks.


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Direct Email Letter

Email is an extremely viable and accessible resource when it comes to communicating, though it can be tricky to ensure your email gets opened instead of trashed.

We can help you craft a message that is inviting and informative, will be sure to catch the eye of the recipient and will call for further action.


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Marketing and Communications Plan

Each day, we are exposed to millions of pieces of information with only a small fraction being given actual, conscious attention. Your organization increases its chances of being included in that portion by having a clear, accessible and engaging Marketing and Communications Plan.

Increase your impact

Our team stays up to date on the latest tools and methods used to communicate with the public and we are excited to work with you to share that knowledge.

Partnering with our team will help establish priority and purpose for your organization’s message by identifying an individualized who, what, when, where, why and how.


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Message Testing and Development

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

We could wax poetic about this fabled question (and we’d love to – come check out our Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Networking Group), but philosophy aside, does this sound familiar with your current messaging strategy? If you are sending something out that is not effective, chances are you’re not making a “sound”… or an impact.

Find your sweet spot

Leave no doubt that your message is well crafted, strategically delivered and resoundingly heard, through our message testing and development services.

We will start by evaluating your current message structure and strategy, through a variety of tools that include focus groups and targeted surveys.

Using that feedback and a wealth of research-based implementation tools, we will help design an accessible and meaningful message that is designed to share your vision and inspire others to join your cause.


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Social Media Plan

Are you struggling to use social media effectively? Does the person responsible for social media in your organization also wear six other hats? Maybe you need a clear social media plan, a content calendar and a strategic vision for how and why to engage your community through social media. Maybe you just need to understand and get excited by the possibilities presented by social media today.

Learn From the Best

As the winner of the Denver Business Journal’s 2013 Social Madness Contest for best use of social media, we have the expertise to help you make the best possible use of today’s hottest social media platforms.

Use Social Media to Reach Your Goals

Whether you already have a social media presence or you are starting from scratch, we can help you use social media to engage key audiences, raise money, and recruit volunteers, board members and interns.

We can help you:

  • Create a clear vision of what you can accomplish with social media
  • Determine which platforms are best for fundraising, community engagement and recruiting
  • Draft a comprehensive social media plan that fits your resources and skill level
  • Learn how to use social media to your best advantage
  • Measure your results
  • Create a content calendar that guides the frequency of posts and defines the types of content that are most beneficial
  • Learn and use shortcuts that enable you to maximize your return on investment
  • Deal with negative posts


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Social Media Start-up Package

Swimming in the social media pool can be overwhelming and intimidating depending on your experience or availability. Let us be your water wings and help you design a social media presence that fits your goals and desires.

Our Social Media Start-up Package is a great way to get you and your cause out into the world in a way that is accessible, coordinated and strategic. Our team will meet with yours to:

  • Figure out what social media platforms will best serve you and your message
  • Set up your accounts to ensure the best settings are in place
  • Establish a schedule for posting and a topical list for content
  • Ensure accessibilities across providers and platforms
  • Plan for sustainability and support for internal staff

Before you know it, you’ll be posting like the pros!


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Strategic Communications Plan

Is your current strategy for sharing your organization with the world broadcasting at an optimal volume level? Are your constituents hearing what you have to say and about all the great work you’re doing? If you’re here, our guess is that you know you could use a little support, which is a great first step!

Turn it up to 11 with JVA

Luckily, communicating with your current and future constituent base doesn’t have to be painstaking. Using our team’s expertise and researched knowledge of what works, we can help you identify:

  • Your ideal message to reach your audience
  • Communication methods that will provide the most impact
  • Optimal time of day, month and year to share your message
  • Your target audience
  • Evaluation methods to measure your success


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