Direct Email Letters

Email can be a useful tool for keeping your organization on the minds of your clients and community. It’s handy for sharing your goals and accomplishments, which can generate enthusiasm and support. And it’s a great forum for advertising your upcoming events. The trick, of course, is getting your audience to consistently click “open.”

How do you do this? You consistently provide relevant and interesting content. You make sure that time spent reading your email is time well spent. Once a recipient opens your first message, they’ll know to expect something compelling.

JVA’s marketing team has the expertise and experience to help you craft inviting and informative messages. We’ll incorporate eye-catching visuals with your branding and a call to action to get readers engaged. We can also help you keep on the right side of spam laws and monitor responses to your emails to ensure your message is getting across.

Starting a new fundraising campaign? Direct email letters are a great way to reach out to that audience you’ve been cultivating with your regular email updates. We can also help you determine whether, and how, to target different segments of your community with your campaign.