Meeting Facilitation and Community Engagement

meeting facilitation

Are you looking to engage your board or staff in some critical conversations? Engage community and other stakeholders as part of a planning process?

You don’t need to dread it.

JVA’s expert facilitators will work with you to design a process to make sure that voices are heard in a respectful manner, that people have fun in the process and that you get to the result you need. We know that great meetings with terrific outcomes won’t result from people sitting around with clickers while someone stands up writing notes at a flip chart (we do have clicker technology, but think that it is best used for surveys of multiple choice questions with schoolchildren).

Great meetings happen when people come together to converse, understand each other’s point of view and find common ground. When they can get up and move around. When they have fun doing it. But that doesn’t happen by accident. Our facilitators are trained in Technology of Participation, the Skilled Facilitator, adult education and experiential activities. We bring an array of methods so that we can structure a terrific meeting, or series of sessions, for you.

What makes us different? What do YOU see?

Products and Services

The good news is that with our meeting facilitation services, we have just the right tools for you and your organization to have your best meeting yet. Our team will partner with you to create your successful meeting from start to finish. We’ll help you develop your meeting structure and environment that promotes active participation, outcome achievement and a strong sense of accomplishment.

Don’t suffer through another bad meeting or community engagement process. Call us today 303.477.4896 to see how we can help you facilitate your next session.