JVA’s Clients and Partners

JVA’s clients

Over the years, JVA has worked with thousands of organizations. They’ve come in all budget sizes—from startups with minimal budgets to multimillion-dollar organizations—at all points of their life cycles. JVA’s clients and partners include community and faith-based organizations, businesses, government agencies, foundations and educational institutions. They are local, regional and national. Our criterion for working with you is whether we believe we can help you advance your goals and become successful.

At JVA, our story is told through the success of our clients. Every grant received, every community engaged, every perfect-fit employee recruited, and every social enterprise launched to support an organization’s sustainability can change lives for the better.

Nonprofits and community organizations use grant money to build and expand programs on the ground. The programs then enrich the lives of people who turn around and enrich still more lives. Evaluation provides organizations with data that help them secure funding and continue to thrive. Marketing efforts help them share their success stories and build support for their programs. And planning brings teams together and gives them the tools they need to map a path forward and take it from vision to action.

“JVA has been a critical partner in our growth and success.” — Client

Day in and day out, every project we at JVA work on has a story to tell. Stories of hope, growth, rejuvenation, determination and BIG change.

Check out our Results page for JVA client testimonials, as well as our annual reports summarizing the great work we’ve been fortunate enough to support. Want to see samples? Look no further than our Reports and Publications page!

JVA’s partners

In addition to all of our clients, who we truly consider partners in community and social change, JVA has established relationships with a variety of other partners throughout the sector and beyond. We at times collaborate with these trusted allies to complement the JVA team’s expertise and to reach specific communities. JVA is committed to a team-based approach in all of our engagements, providing interdisciplinary solutions and drawing on diverse perspectives. Whatever solution is right for you, we will make sure we have a multidimensional dream team in place to comprehensively meet your needs.

Give us a call to learn more about JVA’s trusted partners.

Special projects

Sometimes, an organization faces a unique set of circumstances or challenges, and what’s needed may not fit neatly into one of our product categories. Our team is happy to meet with you for a one-hour consultation at no charge to see how we can custom design a solution for you. Here are just a few examples of some of the very successful special projects JVA has had the pleasure of supporting:

Call or email us about your project needs, and we’ll get to work finding you solutions!