Our Partners

No one gets it done alone. Not even with our terrific team.

In addition to all of our customers, who we truly consider partners in community and social change, we partner with:

Edgewater Collective—Our main office is actually in the one square mile of Edgewater, Colorado, across from Sloan’s Lake. The Edgewater Collective is organizing nonprofits, businesses and individual residents to make a difference in the lives of children who live here, and we’re glad to be a part of it.

Posner Center for International Development—We partner with Posner and other shared spaces to provide training for their tenants and members on how to more successfully partner and collaborate.

Research and Evaluation Partners—We partner with organizations—often our clients—that have reach into specific communities to ensure that the community voice is being heard when we’re doing community assessments, market research and strategic planning.

Technology Partners–Thinking about creating an app with potential for changing the world? Or maybe you already have one and need to figure out how to best deploy it? Contact us. We have built strategic partnerships and can together help you think through how to position and market your app.