We know you’re wondering what COVID-19 means for your organization and your bottom line, and fortunately, many people and organizations are stepping up to help provide resources and support. We also bet you have little time (or desire) to search and sort through all the new funding opportunities that may be out there. Let us help.

Backed by our 33 years of experience and securing over $1 billion in grant awards for our clients, our grants team knows a thing (or 20) about sleuthing out the best funding options. So we’ve deployed our team to find (and keep updated) the latest list of opportunities specific to COVID-19, with a Colorado-based emphasis. We can then share that consolidated list with you, and provide recommendations tailored to your organization and its needs.

Modifying our more robust funding research product, we’ve created a quick-turnaround, COVID-19-specific version that will provide you with:

  • A current list of funding opportunities, including funder and contact information, as well as eligibility requirements, timelines and submission guidelines where applicable and available. Funders will be identified from foundation and government sources across local, state and federal levels.
  • A recommendation for each funding opportunity specific to your organization, including which ones are good fits for your organization, which ones are not, and which ones should be your immediate priorities. We’ll also share how to best position your program to be aligned with funder interests and to be most competitive among other applicants.

We know that the more information you have, and the sooner you have it, the better, so our goal is to return this to you, completed, within three to five business days (Mondays through Fridays) of purchase.


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.