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Program Evaluation Products and Services

We can help you devise and implement a plan to effectively measure the impact of your programs and transform the data into actionable results.

JVA offers a variety of research and evaluation products and services:


Data is an invaluable tool that can help us understand both where we’re being successful and where we might need to improve. Putting your data into a meaningful dashboard makes it so much easier to interpret the numbers and make informed decisions on how to best move forward.

We can help you track all of that data you’re collecting by building you an interactive dashboard. Our dashboards can be programmed to tell you if you are on track to meet your specific goals and outcomes. Our evaluation team will help you decide which numbers you should be tracking, what your timeline for your goals should be and how often you should be tracking your numbers.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, consider attending our Dashboard Training, where we’ll give you the tools to create your own interactive dashboard.


Evaluation Plans

Planning your program evaluation can seem intimidating, whether it’s for a grant or a revamp of your evaluation activities. We will walk through your programs with you and figure out how we can best carry out an evaluation and what your next steps should be. Our collaborative team will work with you to create an evaluation plan that fits your vision, mission and capacity.

We also offer a variety of program evaluation trainings, such as the Evaluation Intensive and Nonprofit dashboards.


Logic Models

Logic models help build the foundation for any solid program or grant application. Our evaluation staff loves logic models, and we are here to help you create the best one for your organization. We can also train you how to create your own with our Logic Models training.