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Recruitment and Executive Search Products and Services

To help you get the right people on the bus, we offer a variety of both full-service cost-effective recruitment and executive search products and services. If your organization doesn’t require a full-service search engagement, our menu of cost-effective search products may be exactly the kind of support your in-house search efforts need to be successful.

Full-Service Recruitment Search Services

Our team will assist you from the beginning of your search process to its successful conclusion and beyond:

  • Interviewing you and others from your organization to gain a solid understanding of:
    • Your organization’s theory of change
    • Your organization’s core values
    • Your leadership needs and the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves
    • The required and preferred strengths, skills, experience and aptitudes you seek in your new position
  • Conducting a salary scan to benchmark salaries in your field
  • Preparing the vacancy announcement and advising you on the best publications in which to advertise
  • Developing a sourcing (recruitment) plan
  • Preparing the position profile and providing potential candidates with in-depth information about the organization, including its history, mission and vision as well as its current and future challenges and opportunities
  • Responding to inquiries from applicants and identifying and cultivating potential candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position
  • Conducting preliminary screening of completed applications to eliminate from consideration those whose qualifications are not a good match for the position
  • Presenting a list of pre-qualified candidates to the search committee for further consideration
  • Developing questions for use during telephone interviews with semifinalists
  • Conducting telephone interviews and reporting results to the search committee
  • Developing questions for the search committee’s use in conducting reference checks on selected candidates before selection of finalists
    • Optional at additional hourly cost: conducting reference checks and reporting results to the search committee
  • Developing questions for use by the search committee as it conducts final in-person interviews of finalists
  • Attending all meetings of the search committee and providing guidance and support as requested throughout the process
  • Serving as your intermediary in extending an offer to your preferred candidate and negotiating terms of employment


Basic Search Documents Package

Our cost-effective Basic Search Documents Package will help your organization with:

  • Interviewing your team to identify organizational culture and values; organizational opportunities and challenges; and strengths, talents, skills and experience needed
  • Developing vacancy announcement
  • Developing questions template for use in telephone reference checking
  • Developing questions template for use in personal interviews


Package #2: Search Documents Package PLUS

Our cost-effective Search Documents Package PLUS will help your organization with:

  • Developing all documents in Package #1: Basic Search Documents Package
  • Developing a position profile: More than just a position description, the position profile helps candidates understand the unique characteristics of your organization and the principal challenges and opportunities offered by the position. The profile allows potential candidates to assess both their interest in the position and the degree to which their own skills, experience and career goals match the needs of your organization. The position profile also gives serious candidates the opportunity to prepare a more complete and focused application, making screening of applications more productive. Finally, the process of developing the position profile often helps identify and resolve potential differences in stakeholders’ expectations, resulting in a more efficient and effective search process and a smoother transition for the successful candidate.


Package #3: Mini-Search Consulting Service

Our cost-effective Mini-Search Consulting Services Package will help your organization with:

Providing 10 hours of facilitation or other consulting services to support the search process (Note: may include coaching for new executive if desired)