By Nikki Holland-Plum, JVA Consulting

Last year, JVA Consulting entered the Denver Business Journal‘s 2013 Social Madness contest. The goal of the contest was to compare the social media engagement of a variety of businesses. The national winner received $10,000 dollars to go to the nonprofit of it’s choice. We chose to compete for Community Shares of Colorado. We won our category in Denver, then went on to win our category for the entire state of Colorado. Although JVA did not win at the national level, we are proud of our success.

We not only saw the Social Madness contest as an opportunity to support an organization whose mission we believe in but also as an opportunity to learn the best ways to participate in social media. Tonight, we are being honored by Community Shares as Partner of the Year for our efforts during this competition, and we want to share with you some of the lessons  learned during this amazing experience.