Feasibility Studies

If you are interested in launching a new fundraising campaign, or want to know how to improve your current fundraising efforts, congratulations! JVA can help with a customized fundraising feasibility study and a development audit. We have examined fundraising feasibility for more than 60 clients in the last five years.

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JVA will work with you to develop the best possible framework for your organization’s specific needs. We’ll do it through a combination of the following services:

  • Assessment/Audit: We will look at key factors related to fundraising success, including the external economic climate, social environment and your organization’s internal fundraising capacity. To conduct the internal audit, we use JVA’s own Comprehensive Organizational Assessment© (COA©). This helps us understand your organization’s existing fundraising resources, activities, practices, policies and procedures, and leadership. The COA© identifies areas of organizational strength and prioritizes an organization’s most pressing needs and areas of potential growth in its fundraising work. This leads to recommendations on infrastructure, staffing and leadership needs related to your fundraising efforts.
  • Timeline: We will help you determine if you should move forward with your campaign. And if so, we will help you develop a realistic timeline for activities.
  • Prospect Mapping: JVA will work with you to determine your best individual, business and foundation prospects.

Your feasibility study is the key to the success of your fundraising campaign. It helps to determine your capacity and what is achievable—and under what circumstances. And it provides you with thorough, objective recommendations to ensure your organization is on the path to success.

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Remember, when the time is right for your fundraising campaign, a customized JVA case for support can help convince potential donors that you deserve their funding.

Give us a call, and we’ll get to work for your organization!