Almost all of our clients want to change the world for the better. That, of course, is no accident. [Joining Vision and Action’s] entire business model is built around supporting nonprofits, government agencies, school districts, libraries, universities and socially responsible businesses in their work.

There have always been socially responsible businesses, business people out to make the world a better a place as well as make a living. What’s new is now we have structures like B corporations, an entirely new classification of businesses that put social good on at least equal footing with profit.

Today, we have terms like “social enterprise,” “social business,” “social venture.” JVA itself falls into that category of business that aims to make a difference while also providing a living for its owner and employees.

We would love to tell you everything we know.

All you have to do to make that a reality is register for our six-day Social Enterprise Basecamp which starts off with a two-day intensive on May 17 and 18 at our headquarters here on the south shore of Denver’s Sloans Lake. The first two days in will serve as a foundational introduction to the material. These are followed by four consecutive monthly meetups. Dates are as follows:

  • May 17 – 18
  • June 15
  • July 13
  • August 17
  • September 14

Denver HQ:

1525 Raleigh St. 5th Floor
Denver, CO 80204

I’m not saying six days is long enough to learn everything that Adam Brock and Rolfe Larson know about starting and running social enterprises, but this training will give you a base to thrive from. Graduates of past classes–all of whom come with great ideas–have gone on to do amazing things.

We’d love to see you, and we’d love to help you get your social enterprise successfully launched.

Join us this May for Social Enterprise Basecamp!