These succession planning templates will help you be prepared for any absence .

Let’s talk about two things that you can do to prepare for any absence where you intend to return, whether it’s planned like vacation or family leave, or unplanned, perhaps because of the sudden illness of a loved one. While it is considered best practice for a nonprofit to have an emergency succession plan in place, the principles are the same for any mission-critical position. Here are succession planning templates and resources you can use to complete two critical tasks, and you can do them in less than half a day if you block the time.

1. Create a list all in one place of everything related to your position. This can be everything from location of contracts, key donor contact information, passwords, key daily and weekly tasks, etc. JVA has created a workbook for capturing this information that you can download.

2. Prepare a short written document that outlines who is responsible in case of your absence for more than a certain duration of time, e.g., more than three weeks and less than three months. I’ve found a lot of the emergency succession planning templates out there overly long and wordy, so I have created a simple, one-page version that works for most situations. Simple, right? Then get it signed by your board and you’re ready for that next vacation.

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Download the workbook

Download the emergency succession planning templates