Demystifying evaluation-speak

By Katie Zaback, JVA research associate Have you ever been in a room where two evaluators are having a discussion about the results of an evaluation? It’s not uncommon for those of us who love statistics to start using what sounds like our own language. But, have no fear—although the work that evaluators do seems [...]

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Asking the questions that will shape your evaluation plan

  By Randi Nelson Ph.D., JVA Senior Research and Evaluation Associate “Let’s see, we could do a focus group. I was in a focus group once,” says one staff member. “Wait, I’m not sure I know anything about actually developing one.” “Well, let’s give a survey then. Those are pretty straightforward to create and send [...]

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Logic models keep us from just “spinning our wheels”

By Nancy Zuercher, JVA Project Manager and Research Associate The University of Colorado Denver has a program that provides professional development to teachers of English language learners. Once a month, as the program evaluator, I get to join a meeting of staff and coaches involved in the program; discuss their work in the schools, brainstorm [...]

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Elton John’s foundation continues to grow through evaluation

by Collin Lessing, JVA Marketing/Communications Coordinator The Nuggets and the Avalanche weren’t the only hot tickets at the Pepsi Center this week. Elton John and Billy Joel were in town on Monday night and performed in front of a sold-out crowd. The pop music legends played dueling pianos and provided guest vocals on each other’s [...]

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Evaluation Intensive

Importance of Program Evaluation The funding world becomes more competitive every day, and the organizations that can prove their programs work are the ones that get funded. Our proven evaluation program will help your organization provide evidence of success and ultimately lead to increased number of donors and monetary gain. Meet the Trainer Aaron Schonhoff [...]