The Impact of Program Evaluation

By Gayle Warner, Director of Grants and Program Strategy Why is program evaluation important? My 25-year nonprofit career challenged me to develop programs that would impact a person’s life – whether it was about finishing high school and/or being the first-generation graduate from college. Often, I worked hand in hand with local and national foundations [...]

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Asking the questions that will shape your evaluation plan

  By Randi Nelson Ph.D., JVA Senior Research and Evaluation Associate “Let’s see, we could do a focus group. I was in a focus group once,” says one staff member. “Wait, I’m not sure I know anything about actually developing one.” “Well, let’s give a survey then. Those are pretty straightforward to create and send [...]

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Evaluation Intensive

Importance of Program Evaluation The funding world becomes more competitive every day, and the organizations that can prove their programs work are the ones that get funded. Our proven evaluation program will help your organization provide evidence of success and ultimately lead to increased number of donors and monetary gain. Meet the Trainer Aaron Schonhoff [...]