Warmth and Competence: Where Do You Fall and Why Does it Matter?

By Jill Iman, Co-Managing Director and Director of Research and Evaluation Regardless of whether you consider yourself social or not, the reality is that people are social animals—and as part of that, we are primed and equipped to make quick judgments of others. These judgments, whether accurate or not (e.g., stereotypes), are believed to stem [...]

Changemaker Profile: Emily Merritt

Welcome to our Changemaker Profiles blog series! Each edition will profile one outstanding social changemaker from the JVA client community. By sharing the stories of some of the incredible people we get to work with every day, each accomplishing extraordinary work in nonprofits, government, social enterprise and elsewhere, we hope we will bring a little [...]

Reframing Research and Evaluation: A Personal Journey

By Jill Iman, Co-Managing Director and Director or Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science My early training was in an academic, research-based setting where a hypothesis was either supported or not through rigorous research methodologies and analysis. Although this culture is changing, it has fostered an environment where success is tied to being able to [...]

Women’s Foundation of Colorado – Research

For 30 years, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado has worked to help women and their families achieve economic security. As part of the development of our 2017-2021 strategic plan, they asked stakeholders across Colorado to help them identify two things: Top priorities to help women achieve economic security Where women face gaps in accessing essential [...]

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Demystifying evaluation-speak

By Katie Zaback, JVA research associate Have you ever been in a room where two evaluators are having a discussion about the results of an evaluation? It’s not uncommon for those of us who love statistics to start using what sounds like our own language. But, have no fear—although the work that evaluators do seems [...]

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Evaluation Intensive

Importance of Program Evaluation The funding world becomes more competitive every day, and the organizations that can prove their programs work are the ones that get funded. Our proven evaluation program will help your organization provide evidence of success and ultimately lead to increased number of donors and monetary gain. Meet the Trainer Aaron Schonhoff [...]