JVA helps and inspires social changemakers to succeed, sustain and scale.

Since 1987, Joining Vision and Action’s interdisciplinary, multigenerational team of experts has helped increase the efficiency, capacity and sustainability of nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, schools and other changemakers. JVA sees our clients as partners, matching our expertise in planning, grantwriting, program evaluation, fundraising and more with your knowledge of your community’s unique needs and strengths.

Our Services

JVA’s comprehensive, integrated approach to its services means you don’t have to spend your time finding and coordinating different consultants. We do that for you, through our in-house team of experts. We can ensure you get what you need in any of our many service areas:

Know your impact.

Share your story.

Map out your future.

Increase your budget.

Support your staff.

Our Subject Matter Expertise

We are relentlessly focused on applying research and innovation to support our community partners. We employ proven methods, and we know what it takes to achieve change (we focus on results). Check out some of our trending focus areas to learn more about our techniques.

The rapidly rising number of older adults in Colorado has implications for all of us. Organizations that prepare will reap benefits—and JVA has the vision, the passion, the knowledge and the experience to guide changemakers through this transition. Read about our expertise with organizations serving older adults here.

JVA also has extensive expertise with changemakers addressing needs related to diversity, equity and inclusion; early childhood; homelessness; food insecurity; multigenerational solutions; refugees and immigrants; and more. Read about our results here.

Our Community

We love our clients and admire all of the great work they do. Check out our Changemakers Blog series for an in-depth look. If you are passionate about community and social change and are looking for opportunities in the sector, be sure to check out our job board.

Our Clients

Our customers are nonprofits, social enterprises, foundations, government entities, school districts and higher education institutions driven by community and social change. They’re staffed by the type of people about whom Robert Kennedy said: “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why … I dream of things that never were, and ask ‘Why not?’”

“We love working with JVA. They have helped us revamp our grant writing process and helped us secure additional multi-year grants to expand our services. Our success is directly attributable to the professionalism of their staff and the time that they took to truly understand our services so that they can sell it effectively to our funders.”

Harry Budisidharta, Asian Pacific Development Center

“Working with Joining Vision and Action has enabled us to capture critical outcome data to demonstrate the power and value of age-inclusive and intergenerational approaches. Through three years of survey collection, interviews, and site visits, they’ve helped us gather powerful evidence backing why all nonprofits across the country must be giving serious attention and prioritization to efforts connecting the generations.”

Emily Merritt, The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

ʺWithin several hours of distributing the report we received kudos and an inquiry about one of the items highlighted therein—that speaks volumes! You did a tremendous job!”

Laurel Delmonico, City and County of Denver

“Thank you very much for these great deliverables, and for your diligence in completing this project! It has been a great experience to work with you all and these insights you have collected and communicated are extremely helpful to us. We very much appreciate your time, flexibility, and insights in completing this work. Thanks again and hope to work with you again!”

Darby Hoover, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)