Community Engagement

Community engagement encompasses a wide variety of strategies aimed at hearing and responding to the diverse voices of your community. It is an authentic, inclusive approach that invites the community to be part of your project. Effective community engagement can also create buy-in and understanding within the group. It helps ensure that the direction your program, your organization or a broader initiative takes makes sense for those it serves and then continues to resonate.

JVA has the background and the know-how to design an engagement strategy specific to your organization’s needs, and we are familiar with and can adeptly handle the nuances of implementing that strategy effectively. Based on your specific needs, JVA will design or implement your engagement strategy, or both.

Engagement strategy design

An engagement strategy can serve several purposes. It can help an organization get to know its membership better; get a clearer idea of the organization’s perceived strengths and weaknesses; test marketing messages and/or plan for an organization’s future. Whatever you hope to learn from your community, JVA can help design an appropriate strategy.

We look to you for your knowledge of and access to your unique constituency. You look to JVA for our extensive experience and expertise creating and implementing an array of community engagement tools, including facilitated meetings, interviews, focus groups and surveys—in both Spanish and English—and more. We can help your organization design a relevant and actionable mixed-method engagement strategy to incorporate the diverse voices of your community into your work.

Engagement implementation

It’s one thing to have a plan; it’s another to follow through with it. But that’s our specialty—we join vision and action.

JVA facilitators and evaluators can work with you to design the specific components of your community engagement strategy and guide you through their implementation, or we can lead the implementation, some components of which may be the following:

  • Strategically “onboarding” community members
  • Providing a JVA facilitator to lead engagement meetings
  • Designing and launching feedback surveys
  • Planning and conducting focus groups
  • Designing and conducting interviews with stakeholders
  • Evaluating responses to and compiling reports on the above engagement efforts

A community is served best when it plays a part in the effort. JVA would love to help you reach out; give us a call to see what we can do together!

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