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Tips for “Having the Talk”

By Silvia Solis, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Associate at Joining Vision and Action How to Speak with Someone on the Other Side of the Political Spectrum Conversations are complex human dynamics at all levels. A casual interaction with a passing stranger at the grocery store, small talk with a new colleague at work, and a [...]

Strategic Partnership Development: Applied Best Practices

By Jennifer Wolf, MPH, Joining Vision andAction Director of Business and Partnership Development Why is strategic partnership development so important? Here at Joining Vision and Action, we are firm believers in implementation science, or taking scientific concepts and making them usable. In the nonprofit world, this idea of research and best practices can be [...]

Hey Denver, how do we play in the sandbox?      

By Anna Upchurch, JVA Consulting As a community, are we doing enough to work together? In order to see how Denver organizations involved in community work are actively engaging their communities, I set out to conduct at least 20 interviews with local leaders and residents to ask how well we are working together. More [...]

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