Warmth and Competence: Where Do You Fall and Why Does it Matter?

By Jill Iman, Co-Managing Director and Director of Research and Evaluation Regardless of whether you consider yourself social or not, the reality is that people are social animals—and as part of that, [...]

Changemaker Profile: Emily Merritt

Welcome to our Changemaker Profiles blog series! Each edition will profile one outstanding social changemaker from the JVA client community. By sharing the stories of some of the incredible people we get [...]

7 Starting Points for Solid Secondary Data

By Aaron Schonhoff, Research and Evaluation Associate at Joining Vision and Action Secondary data sources are vital tools to have at your disposal. Though it may not provide insight into your specific [...]

Reframing Research and Evaluation: A Personal Journey

By Jill Iman, Co-Managing Director and Director or Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science My early training was in an academic, research-based setting where a hypothesis was either supported or not through [...]

Health Literacy Leads to Improved Health Outcomes for Patients

By Rolfe Larson, Senior Business Planning, Social Enterprise and Strategic Planning Consultant at Joining Vision and Action There you are, facing a BIG healthcare decision, feeling a bit lost in the haze of [...]