Voting in Colorado: Choose Your Own Adventure

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action As individuals whose work deals largely with making the world a better place, you already know the importance of voting in the November 6 election. You don’t need a lecture. But given the hefty to-do lists of the folks saving the world these days, [...]

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Add These Diversity Podcasts to Your Itinerary

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action Before I take any trip that involves a lot of driving or flying, my to-do list includes downloading a slew of recent episodes of my favorite podcasts. I love podcasts. They keep me entertained during a long drive through Kansas and distracted during a [...]

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GoldieBlox and the Lessons Learned

By. Scot Kersgaard Girls just want to build bridges. Oh, hey I’m ripping off a Cyndi Lauper song aren’t I? In the context of this blog I can do that. It’s called fair use, at least that’s what it’s called when I give her credit. What if I riff on someone’s song to sell a [...]

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Our time with neighborhood catalyst

Heard of kickstarter, indiegogo or any other crowd sourced funding websites? They are all very powerful tools that can bring awareness and money to a venture or cause you may have. We had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Neighborhood catalyst is a lot like the websites listed above, but much better. Much Better? [...]

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